Monday, April 21, 2014

Still Waiting For Valkyrie Profile 3

How long has it been since we heard "Nibuleng Valesti"? A lot of us are still waiting for a new installment for the series, yes there was Covenant of the Plume for the Nintendo DS but most of us were waiting for a new title on the new generation consoles. The story of Lenneth and Silmeria have been told and the most valid character that would be next is Hrist. Though the ending of Valkyrie Profile 2 was left in shambles, we still want to know what kind of life Hrist had, how she became ruthless and heartless towards humans.

The story line of the series made us play at the edge of our seats as the events grew more and more intense, so intense that you could almost feel Lenneth's sadness in Valkyrie Profile. The ending of the first game left a lot of holes so that a second game would be necessary to fill in those holes likewise the ending of the sequel also had a lot of mysteries and cliffhangers that a lot of people would want to know and see. Who knew that a game which was solely based on Norse mythology can be so interesting and fun to have.

If we were to have a new game in the series namely Valkyrie Profile 3, we would all be happy as long as it remained true to itself like it's predecessors. Imagine playing this in glorious high-definition with the current gaming consoles we have now is such a nice thought to have join this with in-depth gaming customization and battle phase, then you my friend have a high quality game at your hand. If the third game would be created and developed, it would quench the thirst of the fans of the series around the world.

The waiting is still on as we hang on to what the game series has given us. All those emotions we shared with them, all the anguish and despair, up to now we still could feel it. We still hope for the best that Square-Enix and Tri-Ace would still keep the series alive and running and still sticking to its roots. As of now, we are all ready to take control of the last Goddess who govern fate, Hrist Valkyrie, on how her story unfolds. Nevertheless, we could all say that the next installment of the game is still worth the wait.

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