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Is DMC: Devil May Cry the Worst or Best Entry in the Series?

The latest Devil May Cry game, DMC: Devil May Cry has been one of the most controversial games in the series so far. Many have found the story and portrayal of Dante as juvenile, adolescent, immature and poor writing. I find some aspects of the game to be some of the best and innovate so far. It has been in development for five years and some aspects of the game could have been vastly improved.

The story I don't take much of an issue with since it is Dante's early years and before the start of the game he was basically tortured his whole life. Dante is shown swearing several times and although he tries to come off edgy, or cool he sometimes comes across awkward or mean spirited. The story of the game is influenced heavily by current events, especially anonymous (4chan) activities and various activists currently participating around the world. It does offer some social commentary of how the media is biased and can manipulate the truth. The second Devil May Cry is the only other game to portray Dante in a more serious manner. In the second Devil May Cry he was shown as more serious and down to earth.

The storyline does explore the how and why Vergil becomes evil and is more influenced by his demonic side. The problem I did have with Vergil is his downloadable content with a hard to follow storyline. Cutscenes are shown in a motion comic/manga way and a lot is left open to speculation. For instance his sword Yamato can make portals to limbo, which is where he went after fighting Dante but doesn't explain the apparations he sees of Dante, Kat and his mother. Whether they are hallucinations or spectres created by demons inhabiting limbo is never fully explained.
I found most of Vergil's moves and combinations fun and cool to pull off. Getting around isn't the same with Vergil though and I fail to grasp why they didn't give Vergil a double jump just like they did Dante in the game.

The gameplay and combo system is one of the best of the game series so far, with Devil May Cry 3 and 4 being tied for second. I found the combos easy and fun to pull off, and easily switching between demonic, angelic and Dante's weapons. I liked the addition of angelic abilities and their use in traversal as well. In this game demonic weapons can be used pull objects or enemies closer and angelic weapons can be used to bring you closer to objects or enemies. By using angelic and demonic abilities makes for some very interesting platforming sections of the game.
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